Recruitment Software Sourcing Service for Recruitment Agencies

As a Recruitment Agency you know you need recruitment software solutions to support your operations, but you’re a recruiter . . . and you’re busy. Isn’t your time best spent working to your strengths

We have years of experience in the recruitment software space and have developed many mechanisms to ensure you get the right product.

With hundreds of providers in the marketplace it’s difficult. Your ATS or CRM is the conerstone of your business should you adapt or evolve. Maybe you need a Temp buddy or a firefish. . . or maybe you dont.

We will take the search off your hands and ensure you get the product which fits your needs saving you time and avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

We have put together a brief checklist which is available below. Feel free to download it . It includes a number of processes we use when assessing products on behalf of our customers and should be useful as a starting point.

Alternatively we can do the whole process for / with you. Contact us today for an introductory chat.


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