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What we do . . . .

After years working in the Recruitment Technology Sector we realised that most Recruitment Agencies could work smarter with their technology but very few ever did.

Our services are all orientated around using technology to further your business which often means getting the best out of what you’ve got.

Does your website talk to your CRM, Your CRM to accounts? Email marketing should be simple, right? Most companies have all the tools, we bring them together resulting in a modern joined up framework that works for your business.

Why should I do it . . . .

Because it’s your business. There are thousands of service providers to the sector, all vying for your business, The right solution already exists for you.

We offer a structured service designed to assess your needs both immediately and looking forwards.

Perhaps you are looking at replacing your software, developing your web presence or reaching into social media media for the first time.

How do we do it . . . .

Free Consultation Meeting. The first step is to understand where you are today and come up with cohesive plans which will improve your business.

  • We come and meet with you to find out what you’re doing today.
  • Then we come back to you with suggestions for improvements.
  • We engage with the relevant suppliers to create positive outcomes and deliver improvement.


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Our Reviews from Google

Bevan Williams
Bevan Williams
Vendor Neutral Services Ltd - are a highly professional company and love working with the MD Chris such a lovely guy - who has given Operation Technical a great in put
Stacy Page
Stacy Page
Chris is PawSome. Quite literally! I’m a Pet Carer running my own business #SuPawNanny - I love working with animals but I hate the technical side of running a business. Since meeting Chris this has become far less stressful. He has been fantastic at helping drive new traffic to my website via social media - generating more leads which has been a godsend given the current climate. Chris introduced me to the world of social media and how best to use this to my advantage, he also improved my knowledge and appreciation of analytics and its important place in my marketing strategy. Not least, He’s also been a complete SuPaw-Star in terms of updating my existing website and bringing it in line with current regulations. Next stop - a mobile friendly interface - watch this space!!! Thanks Chris - top man!
Janice Mckenry
Janice Mckenry
Excellent Service, Chris is a joy to work with and his service and professionalism has enhanced and supported JEM Childcare Solutions, and continues to do so, would highly recommend him.