CORONAVIRUS AND Supporting Local businesses

Covid 19 and it’s Real impact on our business

It all started on March 22nd 2020 for us. Building a business for 3 years and had order books running at capacity. We had some £ to start expanding (in fact offered someone a job on 20th, they were due to start imminently). We were looking forwards to growing and developing the company with additional capacity and new clients.

At about 9:30 the phone rang, It was a customer looking to cancel everything,… straight away! – I listened to their problem, completely understood the reasons but we had a contract, a commitment and it felt pretty secure, things were going well. I was crushed as you should be, but forced to accept the position and said I would reply by email to confirm their agreed “Out”. It was 10 o’clock – not a good start to the day but we would recover.

What followed was unprecedented, call after call for the next couple of days of client looking to cancel. Everywhere people were tightening their belts and our contract was expendable. By the following Monday we had lost 70% of my work, and with 70% less income comes difficulty for the business.

We did what our clients had done to us, Cut back. cancelled the job offer, made arrangements where ever possible to defer payments, Personally I even SORNed my Car! and it all seemed . . . . possible.

The government wouldn’t leave small business high and dry.

We watched as the chancellor rolled out scheme after scheme to support the country. Furlough, SEISS, Support for charities, Zoos, Special cases, Surely he wouldn’t forget us.

He Did. – We’re #TheForgotten ,

Because of this we’re involved and will support the cause

Local Business directory

We’re building a list of local businesses in our local area in the wake of the UK Shutdown due to Coronavirus.

As a local company, with local customers here in Farnborough we care about this and they all need your support. We will try to indicate their status right now, Today and include contact details. To list your business is 100% Free, we want to help everyone to build and support our community in the Farnborough Area. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to submit your info and we’ll add it ASAP. (This is currently a manual process so please bear with us)