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Facebook Jobs Retires

Facebook Jobs Retired

Problem or Opportunity?

Facebook, or more exactly Meta are retiring Facebook Jobs on 22nd February 2022,  which on the surface could be considered difficult.  but it’s not.

VNS have been using Facebook to attract significant numbers of candidates for our clients for about 5 years and have always used a combination of FB Jobs and other  mechanisms to drive traffic on the platform.  In fairness our reliance on FB Jobs is minimal because our strategies perform better. . . significantly better.

Now is just the time for one of the “other” mechanisms.

Our Post and Share Strategy


We post your jobs as you to your  Facebook page as you as link posts, meaning that any traffic is driven directly to your website job listing where the candidate can apply for the role or are able to search your listed vacancies.

The post is as perfect as we can get it.  Including custom branded Images, copy, hashtags, location and links.

The platform is always changing so different things work for a while and then just fade away!!

Example FB Jobpost


Then we share the post to relevant 

Facebook job groups (where job seekers hang out on FB). 

Targeting people actually using the platform to look for a job and driving them to your vacancy.

Joining Groups

When we share your jobs we try and join the group (as your page) on Facebook, that means that the next time you promote a relevant job you are able to represent your business in that group.

Example Facebook Traffic

This builds a custom audience for you on the platform, driven by the locations and specialisms of the actual vacancies you work on.

Our Post and share strategy ensures that even when Meta remove Jobs from the platform we are still able to utilise the biggest social network of them all  to attract candidates to your business

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